Ibiza Party Guide: where's the party?
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Ibiza Party Guide: where’s the party?

If there is one thing that Ibiza is known for, it’s the island’s unparalleled, unforgettable night life. Fantastic, endlessly hip clubs that attract the world’s biggest DJ’s to spin records every summer. If you love to party, you have to make sure to visit Ibiza at least once in your life!

Ibiza’s adventurous night life might well be the single most important reason why the island continues to draw crowds of travellers year after year. Both hippies and nature lovers as well as jet-setters and unstoppable, 24/7 party animals: they all find Ibiza catering to their needs and desires. But where to go as a first-timer – and how much fun is one of those (in)famous Ibiza parties really?

Ibiza’s most popular clubs

Most of the clubs are in and around Eivissa (Ibiza City), Playa d’en Bossa, and Sant Antoni de Portmany. The most well-known clubs are Amnesia, Pacha, Space, Es Paradis, and Eden. The Privilige is the world’s largest club: it can host a whopping ten thousand (!) visitors at a time. The Ushuaïa allows you to start partying by daylight already. For a beautiful sunset and a delicious cocktail, we’d recommend Café del Mar or Sunset Ashram.

Too much (or not)

The island is in full-on party mode from May through September/October, and every part of the island (and especially every club) will be crowded during those months. For some people, it might be too crowded, killing all the fun; others, however, might just thrive on all these people dancing and bouncing around the island all at once.

If you ask us, we’d say this time of year is only really interesting for die-hard party troopers with a budget to match. Entrance fees for the bigger clubs are between forty and eighty euros during this season; even a simple bottle of water could cost up to ten bucks!

Insider’s tips for local parties

If you prefer not to break the bank during a night out in completely packed clubs, there are plenty of other options for you around the island. In the old city centre of Eivissa, for example, you will find a colourful array of tiny bars and terraces. Especially Calle Alfonso XII, a popular spot in the queer scene, will spice up your night. Make sure to try a chupito Hierbas, a typical Ibizan herbal liqueur served in a shot glass, in one of the quaint little bars.

The island’s old zoo (Benimussa Park) frequently serves as the backdrop for some of the best parties; our personal choice over an overcrowded mainstream club. If you’re looking for a more relaxed party, we’d recommend Chirincana right outside of Es Canar, on Ibiza’s eastern coast: live music parties by an idyllic little bay. Delicious finger food, great live music, a breathtaking sunset in the background: what more could you want?!

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