5x Ibiza's most beautiful beaches
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5x Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches

Contrary to what most people think, is Ibiza not just tailor-made for party animals. As soon as you go outside the crowded, touristy areas and search for the hidden gems, you might just feel like you’re in the Caribbean!

The most fun way to explore Ibiza is on your own, by scooter or car, so you can freely roam the island’s most unspoiled parts. Ibiza has beautiful beaches and idyllic bays to spare – and these are our five favourites.

1. Cala d’en Serra on Ibiza

In the northeastern part of the island, beyond the well-known Portinax, there’s this gorgeous, hidden bay tucked away between imposing cliffs. The road to it is already breathtaking! It’s a wonderful, peaceful little beach with heavenly blue water as clear as crystal. With its one tiny beach bar (what more do you need?), it’s the ideal place for a quiet and relaxing day by the sea.

2. The Cala Xaracca bay

Another incredibly beautiful bay, with a view of everyone’s dream villa that, you will tell yourself, will one day be yours. (It doesn’t hurt to dream, right?) The bay has a lovely restaurant too, and the food served here is simply delicious. Cala Xaracca is relatively well-known, so you’ll have to share it with other enthusiasts. But what a lovely place!

3. Sunset at Cala Compte

An impressive, painting-like place with a sea that shimmers in fifty shades of blue. Plenty of tourists know how to find this place, but if you’re a little creative, you’ll be able to find a secluded spot for yourself. This place also hosts Sunset Ashram, a very special location to watch one of the island’s most spectacular sunsets.

4. The cosy Cala Salada

In the western part of Ibiza, you will find this lovely and intimate little bay, surrounded by cliffs and lots of green. This bay is relatively unknown and quiet, and the water is impressively clear. A tiny seaside restaurant serves delicious paella; if you need more convincing, just ask one of the many locals eating here! A short walk along a sand road will take to – sigh – yet another hidden gem: Cala Saladeta.

5. Cala Vedella with her transparent water

A beautiful route in the southwestern part of Ibiza will lead you to Cala Vedella. The water here is so ridiculously clear that it seems like the boats are floating in mid-air! The beach is bigger and a bit more crowded, with a handful of cosy restaurants serving great food. A short walk uphill will provide you with a spectacular view over the bay and the Mediterranean; not to be missed!