Is it possible to making a booking on your site?
Unfortunately not. We do offer links to the places where you can make a booking.

Are you part of a bigger organisation?
No. The founder of the website is Saskia Groenheijde. She has set up the site, together with the bloggers. Therefore, it is totally up to her and the bloggers which places feature on the site and about which subjects they blog.

Some countries and regions in Europe are missing.
We are a start-up. In the months post-launch more countries/regions will be added.

Why are there no countries outside Europe on your website?
We have chosen to focus on Europe for now as there are still so many lovely places to see and visit in Europe.

I would like to register my place/hotel/B&B/campsite/etc.
Please send us a message with a link to your website. We will then contact you asap.

I’m interested in working together
Most of our bloggers are professional copywriters, editors and marketeers. We would love to hear from you how you would like to work with us.