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I’m a collector of beautiful places. I have lots of magazines, books and travel guides of unique getaways. Gathered throughout the years. When I’m looking for a place to stay, I look into every detail. What’s the location (check Google maps). Is there something to do in the area? And I read all the reviews. Just to make sure this place is as good as they say it is. Now I can finally share my collection with everybody, on this website!

Going on holiday is still very special for me. Within a few hours you are in a completely different culture and surroundings. A break from your normal life. And the place where you stay, enhances that holiday spirit.

So I will search for that spot where everything is perfect. Authentic but modern. Great room. Friendly host. Nice area. Things to do. But not too crowded. You can see why it takes me a long time before I have found something 😉 I like a bit of luxury on my holiday. Like a nice boutique hotel, with a view of the mountains. That’s what makes me happy! Like the picture you see above, in Portugal. And in the evening a nice dinner in a charming old village!

Florence Boboli gardens
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