First time Ibiza: the highlights
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First time Ibiza: the highlights

The first time I visited Ibiza. The whole of Holland has already been! Now it is our turn. Absolute Ibiza-beginners. Without a guide. Brilliantly prepared, not!

First time Ibiza

On a plane. Noses pressed to the window. Mid-April. The sun was already shining. There she was. Inviting us to come and see her. Wow!

Once landed, we took a shuttle bus to the care hire place. Jumpers off. Shorts on. Starting our search for our first beach. And a restaurant. To have lunch with a view of the sea. That was our plan but, unfortunately, our chosen bar was still closed. It was only April after all. Out of season. So we went to the only place that was open.

And it didn’t really matter. Of course, it is great to be in a über-hip place (which we still did later on!), but even the most basic little restaurants are great here! Not like we have in Holland (out of season). Where you would often end up eating not-so-tasty deep-fried food or hard-to-chew satay. But here you can order deliciously fresh fish, home-made aioli and juicy melon with ham. And don’t forget to order a ‘cerveza’!

Our beautiful old finca in San Juan

Next stop. The place where we were going to stay. Oh my gosh! Paradise! Finca San Lorenzo is a beautiful old finca, with different types of rooms. We were in the suite. They also have a gorgeous garden, including swimming pool, where you can lounge and relax whenever you want.

A few minutes away you’ll find Restaurant Giri. And I started to wonder whether everything was going to be beautiful here. What a fantastic place! The best food ever. Everything they serve is simple and pure. After three bites you realise how perfect it is. Tip: we loved the ratatouille! Next to this restaurant, there is a hotel and spa. Equally gorgeous. So, if you have any extra cash to spend, treat yourself!

What to do when it’s your first time on Ibiza

What have we done during our first time Ibiza? Simple. Drive around. Eat a lot. Loving the beautiful views. Drink a little. Again and again and again. Nothing has been a disappointment. It really seems like everything is beautiful on this island.

We liked the North of Ibiza the best. Maybe because this is where we stayed. Or because we were mainly after sitting back and relaxing. So finding hidden gems. And no hustle and bustle from the city. In the North you will find cute little coves like Cala Xuclà. Or Benirrás, which is a little bigger but still beautiful and tucked away. With great places for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And there are hundreds of little roads crossing the North. These are great for exploring!


Santa Gertrudis is my favourite little place. A typically Spanish village. With a cute square. Lots of small bars and restaurants. And Ibiza Town is, of course, worth visiting too. Amazing views from the old town wall. Beautiful little streets. And shopping in the more modern part. A bit touristy though. But worth it!

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