Wow! The most beautiful beach in Europe.
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Wow! The most beautiful beach in Europe.

A few hours on a plane and you’re there. A beautiful rocky coast reminding you of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. But you can find it in Portugal!

Move over Albufeira! Lots of people have spent a beach holiday in Portugal. But only a few will have spotted this beautiful beach. Praia de Dona Ana is the most gorgeous and spectacular place. Not far from Faro and Lagos. Don’t miss it and be amazed!

The amazing Algarve

This part of Portugal has the most beautiful beaches and an impressive coastline. The most stunning one is Praia de Dona Ana. A white sandy beach, hidden between the rocks. Beautiful! And the cliffs aren’t just pretty, they will protect you from the hot Portuguese Summer sun and offer some shade. Or cool down with a splash in the beautiful blue water.

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Ponta da Piedade

Don’t miss Ponta da Piedade! Steep cliffs. Caves. And more stunning scenery. Rent a canoe to discover the area properly. Or a less wobbly boat. If you’re lucky you might spot some dolphins!

Cathedral Cave – Benagil Cave

Close by you will find Cathedral Cave. The most stunning place worth visiting! Maybe you’ve already seen this on Instagram. Or Pinterest. It looks amazing! And travellers love this place. A beach within a cave. With the sun coming through the ‘roof’. Where else can you find a place like this!? You can either swim, snorkel or boat there, from Praia de Benagil.

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