The travel preferences of the x, y, & z generations
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The travel preferences of the x, y, & z generations

Some prefer low budget or far away, others prioritise luxury or stay close to home. It seems that it plays into your preferences what generation you’re part of, whether you prefer a trip around the world, “glamping”, or a “staycation”. We’re listing the differences per generation for you. Do you recognize yourself in these categories?

Generation X: Home Is Where The Heart (And The Money) Is

As they live by the philosophy that it’s better to be normal than to be crazy, these precursors to the Millennial generation prefer to stay close to home. This “lost generation” was born between 1961 and 1980, has a pragmatic mindset, knows how to put things into perspective, and is satisfied with less. When they allow themselves a vacation (if at all), it has to be comfortable and arranged far in advance. Their no-nonsense attitude influences every part of their travel behaviour, including on board of the airplane: special snacks and alcoholic drinks are wasted on them!

Generation Y: globetrotters with a thirst for exploring

The world is large and calling to be discovered – no matter if it’s by solitary backpack trip, organised group travel for singles, or a roadtrip with friends in an old school Volkswagen van! Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, prioritise experiences over possessions like a house and a fancy car. Internet and social media connect them to the entire world. Vacations are being decided upon at the last minute and are being booked in individual segments as to not compromise their sense of freedom. Money is meant to be spent, and no destination is out of reach: if you can dream it, you can travel it!

Generation Z: borderless digital natives

No internet connection on your phone? Wait – what do you have a phone for, then? For calling?! The “kids” that were born around 2000 are experiencing even more freedom than the previous generation. It’s a logical result of having grown up with digital technology and its seemingly endless possibilities. Authenticity and flexibility are important values, and this is reflected in the travel choices this generation makes. Their inherent interest in cultures other than their own makes them think and live outside of the box by default – or even better: without any box at all.