The Algarve and all its hidden treasures
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The Algarve and all its hidden treasures

The Algarve at its best! Book a chartered flight to Faro. That is the cheapest way. Hire a car, preferably a convertible to enjoy the sunshine and get those hairs blowing. That’s really all you need for a relaxing holiday in the Algarve. This region is the ideal place to get away for just a few days. The coast is covered with small beaches. Each differs in size and character. But they are all surrounded by those beautiful rock formations. Where do you sleep? Find a campsite, airbnb, or a small cosy hotel. Every day is a holiday here! The sun. The sea. The beaches.

Praia Marinha

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. It is surrounded by those gorgeous rock and cliff formations you see on all photos featuring the Algarve. The cliffs are so high, you can only get to this beach via an incredibly long stairway. But it is definitely worth it! Don’t forget to admire the breathtaking view when you leave the beach.


A traditional fishing village. There isn’t much to see in the village itself. All of its small streets lead down to the waterfront. Where it is all happening. Fresh fish. And Popeye-like fishermen who are busy with their crates and nets full of fish. During the day this seems to be the only thing that is happening here. But in the evening it all changes. You need to be quick to get a table at one of the many cute, small restaurants. To enjoy all that lovely fish that was caught during the day. Freshly prepared for you!

Sagres & Cabo de São Vicente

You’ll find Sagres at the most south-westerly corner of Europe. There is a fortress which isn’t really worth visiting. But the powerful wind and the mystery surrounding it make it a special place after all. You’ll see extremely steep cliffs and, if you look really well, you will spot fishermen dangerously hiding in these cliffs. Really bizarre! Look a little further and you can see Cabo Vicente, including an enormous light house. A pretty picture!

Praio do Castelo

A miniature beach, including sun loungers and parasols! This beach is so tiny that there is almost no beach left when the tide is high. But this is what makes this place special. It is enclosed by gigantic rocks, as seen everywhere in the Algarve. There is a beach bar that looks like it has been temporarily stuck to one of the cliffs. Like it didn’t want to take up any space of this already minute little beach. Don’t miss this!

Does this sound a little too exciting for you, then visit Praia da Coelha. Only a few metres further on. This beach is a bit roomier and also surrounded by cliffs and rocks. No complaining it’s too busy though!


This charming village is  situated higher up. This makes the journey quite exciting. Next to it you will find Caldas de Monchique, hiding in a valley. Definitely worth visiting! It is known for its thermal springs. It is very peaceful and green. Because of its fertile ground there are many fruit and olive trees. Surrounding these springs they have created a wellness spa. You can book a massage, enjoy some time in the sauna or stay in the hotel. It sounds busy but, even if it is, you don’t notice it. I still remember the beautiful little church where my then-fiancé declared this was THE place to get married! In the centre of the spa you will find several old buildings that have been converted into restaurants and bars. A wine bar where you can eat tapas. A pastry place. And an extremely great restaurant. Sat on the patio you can enjoy the shade and the lovely atmosphere. Once you sit down, you will never want to leave!


A gorgeous little town, especially when you’re ready for more than just sun and sea. Here you can find nice shops, tiny bars and cosy outdoor seating areas. Life as it is in the Algarve! Small little streets. Squares laid with small tiles. White buildings with pastel-coloured touches. Facades covered in mosaic. Palm trees. A small harbour. Apparently, you can join boat trips from here. Unfortunately, I have not yet done this.

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