Discovering the most beautiful spots on Mallorca
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Discovering the most beautiful spots on Mallorca

After my surprising visit to Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s capital, I was keen to see the rest of Mallorca. There must be more beautiful spots.

No-go areas on Mallorca (for some of us)

So where are these beautiful spots? How will I find them? All the travel guides direct you to the beaches and the lively (read ‘busy’) beach resorts. But these aren’t necessarily the prettiest of places. So for some peace and quiet, do not go to El Arenal, Magaluf or Playa de Palma. These are favourite drinking spots for the under 20’s. And in the South-West of Mallorca, near Palma, you will find the busy beach resorts.

Mallorca is a large island. You can be travelling for hours as most of the roads are tiny and winding, right across the mountains (especially in the West).


Beautiful spots in the North

We started our road of discovery in the North East, in Capdepera and Arta. Both are pretty, historic villages. Arta is a little more lively than Capdepera. Great restaurants and shops. And a castle right at the top of the hill.

After a few nights we continued our journey towards Alcudia (Alcúdia) and Pollenca (Pollença). Don’t be put off by the high rises in Alcudia Bay. Just close your eyes and keep going. We were hoping the view would get better and it did! All the old fortified cities are gorgeous. Even though there a little further inland. I preferred Alcudia to Port de Alcudia. And Pollenca to Port de Pollenca.

The Formentor peninsula

We liked the beach at Port de Pollenca but we wanted more. We were after a romantic little bay. So our search continued. First to the tip of the Formentor peninsula, Cap de Formentor. Lots of winding roads, beautiful views and right at the end a fort and light house. On our way back we visited Playa de Formentor. A pretty bay, set amongst the pine trees, with lots of locals having a picnic. The buffet restaurant wasn’t the most special place but it is a nice place to stop for a little while and see the world go by.

Western Mallorca

From Pollenca we continued southwards where we visited Port de Soller. This is a popular place, especially as you can get there by taking an old tram from Palma. It wasn’t our favourite but still nice enough. Port de Soller has a tiny beach. Western Mallorca hasn’t got a great deal of sandy beaches. This is why it’s a little quieter here.

Do not miss Ca Na Toneta. A great restaurant where they serve tasty local dishes.

Because of all the winding, steep roads, it sometimes takes longer than expected. But they do take you to the most stunning places. Like Deia and Valdemossa. We had lunch on the beach at Deia, at Ca’s Patro March. Right on the top of a cliff. Which isn’t great for sunbathing but perfect for a cool dive into the sea!

The gorgeous beaches of Ses Covetes and Es Trenc

We haven’t yet discovered the (South) East of the island. We did visit the beautiful beach of Ses Covetes. The journey there was great too. And the sea is stunningly blue. We also visited Es Trenc. Here the beach of Es Caragol was the prettiest. Worth the walk.

Palma de Mallorca

Our final stop was in Esporles, to the West of Palma. We stayed in a beautiful house on the hill. I would love to visit here again. Because of the spectacular views of the mountains, and in some places, you can even spot the sea. Within half an hour you’re in Palma. Read more about lovely Palma.

So do I think Mallorca is nicer than Ibiza? If you are looking for culture, history and old cities, then this is your place! Mallorca is probably more authentic. However, on Ibiza you’ll find more romantic spots and is the vibe a little hipper and more relaxed. Read more about Ibiza in our blog about hotspots on Ibiza.

PS We visited Mallorca in the Spring. It will be busier during Summer.


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