This is where the sun still shines in the fall
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This is where the sun still shines in the fall

It’s slowly getting chillier and darker outside – oh yes, it’s that time of year again! If you, like me, are not yet ready for summer to change into fall, you should definitely check out these five destinations that are still sun-kissed. Some sunny vacation inspiration as the rain comes crashing down outside your window!

Rome, always a good idea

‘Italy is always a good idea’. I couldn’t agree more! Rome is ideal if you’re looking for summer temperatures this time of year. Averaging 24 degrees Celsius in September and October, it’s the perfect place to stroll around in your summer clothes, enjoy the delicious Italian food, and admire the city’s incredible architecture. What more could you possibly want? Read more in our blog about Rome.

Catching the sun in Porto

This dreamy city continues to be high on my personal wish list! This authentic city is famous for its tasty port, its colourful selection of cute restaurants, its rich history – and all of that for very reasonable prices. There’s something about Porto that makes you feel like you’re no longer in Europe. Plenty of reasons to visit this city as the last rays of sunshine illuminate the streets and squares.

Sun, sea and playa in Valencia

Spain seems to hold on to the summer longer than any other European country. Take Valencia, a city with an incredible amount of sunny days every year, plus brilliantly located by the Mediterranean Sea. So if the weather allows it (and it almost definitely will), you can catch both the Mediterranean sun and a nice refreshing breeze on the beach. And then there’s all that delicious food and great local wines! Valencia is the perfect place to make you believe summer will never end.

The Mediterranean Valetta

Valetta is the capital of the Mediterranean island Malta. This city is a no-brainer in the fall, as the temperatures remain as high as 25 degrees Celsius until mid-November! Perfect conditions to explore this gorgeous city, that has made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage list almost in its entirety. Valetta feels like an open-air museum, with its beautiful architecture and cosy little cafés and wine bars. I don’t know about you, but I have no problem picturing myself in the Maltese sun with a glass of wine!

Sunbathing in Sevilla

This Southern Spanish town is a very special place, with zigzagging cobblestone streets and old neighbourhoods that are waiting for you to come explore it. The ancient city centre is a thing of beauty, and not just to the eye: your stomach, too, will be quite happy with all those delicious Spanish delicacies like Sevilla’s endless selection of tapas. If you visit in September or October, you could be lucky: temperatures can still rise to about 28 degrees Celsius this time of year!

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