Porto: beautiful city in the North of Portugal
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Porto: beautiful city in the North of Portugal

Porto had been on my wish list for a while. But because the weather isn’t always great in the North of Portugal, I was keen to go in the Summer. The best months being May until September, as it doesn’t get as hot here as in the South. And my birthday is in August. The perfect reason to go!

But I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Whether it was like Lisbon. Where they like to party. Whereas people from Porto are known to work hard. And you do notice that they are a little more rushed than those from the South. But they will do anything to make you happy and comfortable.

Porto surprised me. There are lots of hip restaurants as well as the beautiful old streets and the traditional Port houses. And you can buy the tastiest pastries and ice creams everywhere.

The best things to see and do in Porto

  • The Sé Cathedral
  • Palacio da Bolsa
  • The great view from the Dom Luís I bridge
  • Strolling around the oldest quarter of Porto: Bairro da Sé (like the Alfama District in Lisbon)
  • A guide around one of the original Port houses
  • The beach

Walking and Cycling

Everything is within walking distance. But if you’d like to go a little further, you can hire a (electric) bike. A bit of an adventure! 😉 For example, a cycling lane might just come to an unexpected end. Or you will be cycling on the tram track. And they will just pile all the bikes onto the bike ferry. It’s also fun to cycle to the beach. We cycled to a beach bar called Praia da Luz for lunch.

View of the city

The Dom Luís I bridge is the eye-catcher of the city. You can walk underneath but also over the top. Not a recommendation for those who suffer from vertigo (like my mum). But the view is stunning. If you don’t want to walk all the way up, you can also take the the lift.

The surrounding area of Porto is beautiful too. So if you have a little more time, don’t miss all the charming B&Bs combined with a winery, along the Douro river. Great food and wine. Luxurious B&Bs as far as you can see. Impressive and gorgeous at the same time. Especially in August when there are grapes everywhere. Saúde! (Cheers!)