Why you should really visit Luxembourg's capital
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Why you should really visit Luxembourg’s capital

Why do so few people visit Luxembourg City? We don’t understand at all! Luxembourg’s capital is absolutely beautiful and easily reached by car or train. Still, many European¬†people have never visited the city. Here are our five top reasons to make your way down to Luxembourg as soon as you can!

1. Luxembourg is a hidden gem

The fact that few people travel to Luxembourg City is a perfect reason for a city trip! You won’t have to deal with masses of tourists, and you’ll be the most original of all your social media friends ūüėČ

2. Only four hours by car

From Utrecht (at the heart of the Netherlands), it only takes you four hours by car to Luxembourg City; it’s a little longer (but not much) from Amsterdam. But it’s¬†obvious that the distance shouldn’t be an obstacle. Luxembourg City’s location makes it the perfect destination for a (spontaneous) weekend trip, and you can always decide last-minute!

3. Charming “Petit Paris”

Luxembourg has a charm that rivals France’s. Think: quaint old houses, French street names, similar climate as Northern France. Wander through the beautiful historic neighbourhood¬†Le Chemin de la Corniche, admire the¬†Grund or visit the Luxembourgian¬†Notre Dame. The city’s many museums and parks can also easily compete with those you find in Paris… Well, almost ūüôā

4. Culinary highlights

And even when it comes to food, Luxembourg has taken its cues from Paris! Bring your (stuffed) wallet and treat yourself to a chique dinner at¬†Clairefontaine or¬†Le Sud. If you’re travelling on a more limited budget, no worries: the city’s best burger restaurant,¬†Lux’Burgers, will make you just as happy with a delicious royal hamburger.

5. Castle Vianden

And as an added bonus, you will find the gorgeous Castle Vianden right outside of town, in the cute and very #instaworthy village of Vianden. The famous French writer Victor Hugo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) has lived here for a while – and if it was good enough for Victor…