Bruges: THE most romantic city in Belgium
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Bruges: THE most romantic city in Belgium

Bruges is one of the most popular and romantic places to visit in Belgium. This city is unusually charming. This is why you should visit this pretty, little town at least once. So what to do when you’re in Bruges?

1. Discover Bruges by foot

I will repeat this tip over and over: the best way to discover a city is by foot! Without a map. Without a goal. Without any directions. You’ll love what you’ll find. All those hidden alleys. The local coffee bars. The ‘Grote Markt’ is the centre of town. The further away you head from this square, the smaller and prettier the streets will become. And bigger the chance of finding those beautiful, hidden spots.

2. Make a boat trip

Another great way to discover the city is by boat. Book a guided boat trip and enjoy beautiful Bruges from this angle. It takes about 30 minutes. During Summer it is incredibly busy. During Winter the timetable isn’t always clear. Therefore, always check and book this beforehand. You don’t want to miss this!

3. Have a look inside

Bruges has the most beautiful buildings. Worth seeing from the outside, but also from the inside. If you have time, do visit the ‘Basilica of the Holy Blood‘ (Basiliek van het Heilige Bloed). Next to which you will find the ‘Belfry Tower‘ (Belforttoren). A medieval bell tower, with a fantastic view over the Grote Markt and the city.

4. Eat, drink and eat some more!

Belgian chocolates. Waffles. Mussels. Beers. And fries. Only a few of the great dishes you really need to try when you are in Bruges. The best way to learn more about chocolate, visit the Choco-story Museum. And you get a delicious piece of chocolate for free. When I visited Bruges with my boyfriend, our visit coincided with their largest Beer Festival. More than 400 different Belgian beers of on offer. This festival happens every year. So, if you are a beer lover, you must visit around that time of year (usually in February).

Are you looking for a cosy restaurant with a great food, but not too touristy and expensive? Don’t choose one of the restaurants on the Grote Markt. Choose the smaller restaurants away from the market square. They are cheaper and cosier. The best mussels you will find at ‘De Mosselkelder‘ or ‘Poules Moules‘.

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