The Hague is the most fun city-and-beach trip
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The Hague is the most fun city-and-beach trip

“Oh, oh, The Hague, gorgeous city behind the dunes” – ánd ideal for a city trip, especially for those living in the Netherlands. Because a great city plus a great beach, how’s that not the ultimate combination?!

Within the Netherlands, The Hague takes a unique spot, and not just because it’s our “Royal City”. With its neighbouring beach town Scheveningen, The Hague is the only city in the country that is directly located by the sea – so you can walk directly from the heart of town out onto the beach! So don’t choose between city vibes and sun, sea and beach: a weekend in The Hague will give you both! These are our favourite things to do.

1. Go see a musical

Seaside town Scheveningen has become the capital of Dutch musical theater, so make sure to visit the famous AFAS Circus Theatre for a great night out!

2. Yoga on the beach

What could be cooler than this? At once perfectly hipster and beautifully zen! Scheveningen has several individual teachers that offer yoga sessions on the beach, for example via Hostel Jorplace.

3. Visit the renewed pier

The (in)famous pier of Scheveningen is no longer the withered glory it used to be until a couple of years ago. Now, it’s finally turned into a Dutch version of Brighton, and truly a place to be! Enjoy its many food stalls, take a ride on the ferris wheel, and go abseiling down the watchtower at the end of the pier.

4. Chillin’ at Hartbeach

Beach pavilion Hartbeach has become famous among the people of The Hague and far beyond! Surfer vibes abound here, but you can also choose a less active option and chill in the sun on their vast terrace with fresh smoothies or tasty modern soul food.

 5. Food, food, and more food in The Hague

Fresh fish at Simonis in the harbour; colourful scoops of ice cream at Florencia; a so-called “Haagsche kakker” at the Hessing bakery – typical The Hague classics you simply cannot miss out on! For more modern tastes, make sure to visit Love & Peas (Israeli), Milú (hip), or Kompaan (beer of all (micro-brewed) kinds).

6. Cocktails and a view

One other thing that sets The Hague apart from most other Dutch cities: its skyline. So there must be a serious rooftop bar somewhere! The Penthouse will offer you a 360-degree view of the entire city, accompanied by the best cocktails. Enjoy!