What is a Nature Spa?
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What is a Nature Spa?

I’m a big fan of the sauna, but only when it is not too crowded. I had read about a different kind of Spa. The Nature or Farm Spa. It all works a bit different here. We were ready to be surprised! The treatments were called ‘Warming up in the Bread Oven’ and ‘Steaming wrapped up in hay’. We weren’t quite sure what to expect 😉

From the moment we entered the Spa we felt completely relaxed. A great atmosphere. A light Spa area. And just silence. Almost hard to get used to when you live in a big city.

The owners Jan and Gerrie are very sweet and kind people. We were treated to all kinds of local sweets and pastries.

The room we stayed in was very spacious and fresh. It all blended in with the relaxed decor of the B&B.

All treatments are private. So it’s just the two of you in the sauna or during the treatment. First you start in a warm area (the Bread Oven). It smells really nice here! In the Hay Sauna the floor is covered with hay. All treatments have a natural element like this. So a lot more special and with more attention to detail  than a normal sauna. In the area upstairs you can enjoy the lovely view of the countryside. And when you lay down on a lounge bed, you feel completely Zen!