Tarifa: a relaxing, surfer’s town in Spain
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Tarifa: a relaxing, surfer’s town in Spain

Tarifa is located on the Southern coast of Spain. At first glance, it seems like a small city, but there is so much here to enjoy. Particularly, (kite)surfers love to come here, but it’s a real paradise for non-surfers, too!

Looking for a vacation spot in Europe where you can get active, but also find time to unwind? Then, Tarifa in Southern Spain is the destination for you. Take part in all kinds of water-related sports while enjoying the true Spanish lifestyle.

Surfing and kiting

Thanks to Tarifa’s position on the coast, the wind is perfect here all year long. This makes it a popular spot for kite-surfers. Particularly from June to August, the city is overflowing with surfers from all over the world. Besides kitesurfing, windsurfing and board surfing are possible here. All these surfers help create a noticeable relaxed vibe in the area. The beach at Valdevaqueros is the perfect spot to catch a wave.

The most beautiful beach in Tarifa

If you’re not a big surfing fan, but still love to get in the water, there’s plenty of choices in Tarifa. Here you will find quite possibly the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Thanks to the surfing winds, it can get pretty windy on the beach; so, a beach windbreak or tent will definitely come in handy. The most beautiful beach in the area is Playa de Bolonia; about 20 kilometers long with super clear waters, few tourists, and the occasional cow(!).


Historic city

Tarifa is a historic city with a beautiful, old center. Enjoy a walk through the tiny, winding streets with stores and cafes. There are also plenty of local restaurants offering delicious tapas and great wines. The ultimate Spanish experience! A heavenly tapas bar plus flamenco dancing combo is Lola and Bar el Francés.

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Getting active

Looking to do something active besides surfing? Then, there are plenty of other sporty options in Tarifa. Hop on a SUP board, take a yoga lesson on the beach, go for a dive or snorkeling, bike through the city, or take a walk through nature. You can even spot dolphins and whales. Looking to take a day trip? Pop over to Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, or Tangier (Morocco). Enjoy!

Topfoto: © José Lledó | Dreamstime.com