How to go on holiday stress-free, mummy-style
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How to go on holiday stress-free, mummy-style

Relax-rules and tips, before your holiday

The thought of your upcoming holiday should make you feel relaxed. Thinking about the sunshine. The wine. The beautiful surroundings. But it’s not as easy as that…

Because going on holiday means preparation. Lists. Planning. Shopping. How to get there. And that’s before you’re even there. If we had it our way, we would also plan everything for when we’re there. But why? And can we do it differently?

As I claim to be a relaxed mummy, I’m going to dedicate this blog to ‘how to relax whilst getting ready for your holiday’. Is it possible to stay stress-free?

Rule 1: Don’t worry!

It will all be alright! Even though I’m slightly late starting preparations and a little too busy with work. But that’s just the way it is. Do not stress! After all, they do have supermarkets in France too…

Tip: Download the super-relaxing app from Rituals! In case of too much stress. Just take a 5-minute time-out. Eyes shut. And do not worry if your children seem somewhat concerned when they see mummy sat with her eyes shut when she’s supposed to be preparing dinner.

Rule 2: Make a list

Nothing better than to tick things off your list. It definitely makes me more relaxed. It feels like I’ve got things (mostly) under control.

Tip: It might be fun to ask your partner to make a list too. To do some holiday-planning together. Even if it’s just to share your pre-holiday stress. Trouble shared is trouble halved after all 😉

Rule 3: Arrange some me-time

Make sure to put some ‘me’-things on your list. Like a mani-and/or pedicure. However tired you’ll be sat on that beach, having your nails done will always make you feel better!

Rule 4: Make no plans

Do not plan days out for during your holiday before you leave! That will save you time and planning prior to departure.

Tip: I choose a pretty, relaxing spot. In a beautiful area. A place where my lovely husband, kids and I can relax for two whole weeks. Without ever having to leave the place. Planned outings are no longer required. Any spontaneous days out are a bonus!

Tip: Find a great vineyard near your holiday destination. If the kids really expect you to be doing things every day, this is a great one for mum and dad. (A little) wine tasting. And buy enough for both at home and on holiday.

And finally…

Rule 5: Relax!

Find some time to relax before you go on holiday! So however busy you are, do not skip your yoga-class. And boxercise is great to get rid of that pre-holiday stress. Or get in a holiday-mood with some Zumba.

I’ve got two more weeks to go. So it’s practise what you preach for me! And I’ll let you know in just over a month’s time how relaxed our holiday really was, whilst glamping in France. Close to some excellent vineyards where they make beautiful dessert wine: the famous and delicious Monbazillac wine. So it will all be ok! 😉

Enjoy your holiday!

PS. My kids love to just play with their new-found friends on the campsite, or near our chalet – even they like a break from all those well-planned activities at home 😉