Rome. Where to eat and drink in this beautiful city.
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Rome. Where to eat and drink in this beautiful city.

Plenty of culture to enjoy in the beautiful, ancient city of Rome. But don’t forget to have a break and enjoy what Rome has to offer on a culinary level. Beautiful food. Great wines. Lovely coffee.

‘Aperitivo’  – the Roman way

Do as the Italians do. Italians do not dine early. But if you’re hungry and it isn’t time to dine yet, order an ‘aperitivo’. Have a glass of wine or Spritz after 5pm, and they will be served with some tasty snacks. Or a great Italian coffee. This way you can easily keep going until 8.30pm!

Great places for an ‘aperitivo’:

  • Traditional enoteca (wine shop):
    Cul de Sac, on Piazza di Pasquino, is one of the oldest enotecas in Rome. It is stuffed with bottles of wine. You choose your favourite one by looking at a menu which ressembles a telephone directory.
  • Fantastic view:
    When you are near the Pantheon, you should visit the 5-star Minerva hotel, on the Piazza della Minerva. Take the lift to the sixth floor and you’ll have one of the best and coolest views of Rome.
  • Relax and have an espresso:
    Of course, coffee is great everywhere in Rome, but often busy. Are you looking for a tasty espresso, but in a quiet spot? Look no further and go to the bar in Galleria Doria Pamphilj.
  • The best coffee ever:
    You can drink the best and tastiest coffee in Rome at Sant’Eustachio! This bar has been situated on Piazza di Sant’Eustchio since 1938. Close to Piazza Navona.


Lunch – the Italian way

There are plenty of great places to have lunch in Rome. From kitsch to hip. Everything is possible.

  • Kitsch kitchen:
    Are you in the centre of Rome and would like to lunch amongst the Romans? Then visit the ultimate kitsch but great Trattoria Da Gino al Parlamento on 4 Vicola Rosini. You’ll be surrounded by Italian men enjoying a three-course meal, a carafe of wine and a digestif, mostly on their own. Super busy. Great food. Nothing too fancy.
  • Tosti 2.0:
    Are you looking for something a bit more stylish and hip? Look no further and go to Supplizio at 143 Via dei Banchi Vecchi. Taste the great ‘suppli’. Fried balls with a choice of different tasty fillings. The chickpea soup. Or the best sandwiches, like their subliminal toasties. And the streets surrounding this cool place are also great for shopping or browsing the numerous antique stores.
  • Food with a view:
    Go to La Carbonara on Piazza Campo de’ Fiori. For great but simple food. Try and get a seat upstairs, so you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Dine like a Roman 

Romans dine late. Don’t look a fool by turning up at 7pm. But between 8 and 8.30pm is a great time. This way you are there before the Roman rush-hour, which means there will still be a table, even at the most popular spots.

The hippest area to eat at the moment is near Ponte Milvio. Here you’ll find great bars for an ‘aperitivo’ and good restaurants like MET. Dining in the Trastevere quarter is quite touristy, but tourists go there for a reason. It is a beautiful area with lots of great restaurants, like the one next to the square with the Basilica di Santa Maria. But there are more:

  • Kilo Restaurant: here you can enjoy the best grilled meat or a great burger. Situated at 30 Via Tirso. Especially when you would like a change to your pasta diet. And don’t forget to try the Nutella tiramisu! Finish your meal with a glass of Amara del Capo – a famous Italian liqueur.
  • Ostia-on-sea: If the weather is good and you fancy a trip out of town, you can easily travel to Ostia Beach by train, car, scooter or bus. Next to sunbathing, food is fantastic here! I really like El Delfino. And there are lots of places where you can hire a sun lounger for a post-dinner break.
  • Classic Italian food: Don’t miss Pizzeria Da Baffetto (114 Via del Governo Vecchio). This is not a hip or stylish restaurant, but a great Italian classic. Tables close together. Bright lights. Noisy. But great, great food!
  • My favourite: near Testaccio and the Pyramid of Cestius you’ll find Porto Fluviale, in an old warehouse. One of my favourites for a coffee or dinner. But also perfect for a tasty buffet brunch in the weekend.
  • It’s all in the name: Flavio al Velavevodetto! In Via di Monte. You just want to dine there because of the name. Especially at night when it really comes to life.
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