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This is where vegetarians eat in Spain

Vegetarians and vegans can have a rather hard time finding good places to eat in a city they don’t know. To help you out, I visited some of the best restaurants all around Spain that serve veggies and vegans with the same dedication as meat lovers. Check out below my favourites in Madrid, Sevilla, Málaga and Fuerteventura! 

Veggie burgers in Madrid

Viva Burger is a cosy, lively veggie bar in Madrid with wonderful outdoor seating. Their homemade parsnip (!) fries are beyond delicious, as well as their veggie burgers and a wide array of other treats. Even the bathrooms are lovingly decorated, so make sure to pay them a visit (even if you don’t have to). Address: Costanilla de San Andrés 16.

Vegan bites in Sevilla

Not one, but two noteworthy addresses in Sevilla! If you’re travelling with people who refuse to eat vegetarian, make sure to visit Gusto. They offer plenty of meat and fish options for your co-travellers, but they have a special selection of vegan dishes as well. I lucked out with an entirely vegan dish that was simply to die for. (Alright, only metaphorically; instead, I just left with a happy and full tummy.) Address: Calle Alemanes 23.

Also, along the Alameda the Hércules Square, there is Arte Y Sabor: a heaven on earth for veggies. Simply everything on their menu is vegetarian, and there are plenty of vegan options available as well. Olé! You can also join the always lively crowds on their terrace for afternoon drinks and a tasty snack. Address: Alameda de Hércules 85.

Sun and veggie tapas in Málaga

My absolute favourite in Málaga: Cañadu Restaurante Vegetariano. A comfy little restaurant that seems tailor-made for you to put your feet up, enjoy the Southern-Spanish sun, and feast on their tasty menu del dia. Please, can I go back already?! Address: Plaza de la Merced 21.

Vegan lunches on Fuerteventura

Worried about finding vegan and veggie lunch options on the isle of Fuerteventura? No te preocupes! Make sure to visit Baobab in Corralejo – fresh, fruity, and beautifully designed. Including a modest but comfy terrace. Address: Calle José Segura Torres 14.

Tips for vegetarians and vegans

It turns out that Spain is actually pretty accommodating for vegetarians and vegans. However, if you run into trouble finding a restaurant dedicated to veggie or vegan food, make sure to go for tapas: always plenty of non-meat options there, such as tortillaspatatas bravasgarbanzos con espinaca, and a personal favorite: croquettas de setas. All vegetarian!

Craving a bit of queso? Make sure to check the labels properly, because not all cheese is vegetarian. A lot of cheese farmers use animal rennet to curdle their cheeses. Bio cheeses frequently use a vegetarian equivalent of rennet to achieve the same effect.

Buen provecho!


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