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Fun in Lisbon, budget tips

Lisbon is worth visiting! Here are 8 tips to enjoy a great trip to Lisbon, on a budget. Either for the weekend. Or when holidaying in Portugal. I loved being here, with my girlfriends. The perfect city for a girls’ weekend away.

1. Travelling around and sleeping in Lisbon

The best place to stay in Lisbon is the Barrio Alto quarter. This is one of the liveliest places in Lisbon. The Portuguese love night life. Which means it can be a little lively here.

If you are planning to travel by public transport, it is easiest to buy a travel card. You can charge this card every time you need it. It is good to know that, at most stations, you cannot pay with notes. So remember to bring plenty of coins.

2. Having a drink with the locals

Portuguese love going out. And preferably in Barrio Alto. The best place for a great glass of wine, a cocktail or a beer, and some petiscos (the Portuguese equivalent of the Spanish tapas). You can’t go wrong in Barrio Alto. All of the little streets are great. Especially on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Plus, where the locals hang out, it is often not as expensive as in touristy places!

3. A low budget tour in Belém. 

On a budget? Then this is THE tip for you! There are lots of free tours in Lisbon. The so-called Free Walking Tours. Join the one in Belém. A great way to get to know this neighbourhood. Every day at 11am a tour will start at Palácio Nacional de Belém. How it works? At the end of the tour you can pay the guide what you think it was worth. Most people give between €10 and €20. But it is up to you.

4. Where and how to eat Portuguese pastries

The yummiest Portuguese pastries in Belém you buy at Pasteis de Belém. They are crispy, sweet and soft all at the same time! You won’t be able to stop eating them. Buy a few. Eat them in the beautiful Jardin Botanical, whilst sitting in the grass, enjoying the shade, and the pastries, of course!

5. Vegan food in Lisbon

There is a lot of choice to eat vegan in Lisbon nowadays. The restaurants listed below are affordable and great places to eat. Recommended by the locals.

  • Terra. Delicious and great food. Buffet-style.
  • Bengal Tandoori. Friendly service. Wide choice of vegan food. A vegan favourite: Aloo Gobi. Or the dishes without paneer. Did you know that paneer always contains vegetarian rennet!?
  • Jardim do Sentidos. Vegetarian restaurant!
  • PSI. As recommended by our Free Walking Tours guide.
  • Lostin. Recommended by a local. It has a great view of the city. Located in Barrio Alto. Closed on Sundays!

6. How to save money during you trip to Lisbon

Choose accommodation where you can cook your own meals. This will give you the choice to eat out or stay in when you want. Or prepare you own packed lunch which you can eat at one of Lisbon’s beauty spots (Jardin Botanical!).

7. Beyond Lisbon: Sintra

Want a day out, outside Lisbon? Take the train to Sintra, a beautiful fortress city (departure Lisbon: Rossio station). A ticket only costs a few euros. The journey will take around 90 minutes. Enjoy a walk along the castles and their gorgeous gardens. You will love being outside the big city for a day!

8. Beaches near Lisbon

Lisbon isn’t known for its beaches. You can take a ferry to a nearby beach. Or you can visit Cascais, by train from Cais do Sodre. Do you fancy a swim? Be prepared for a cold bath. The Atlantic Ocean is a little colder than the Mediterranean!

Enjoy Lisbon! I loved it and all its hidden gems!

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