123 Schiermonnikoog



Special features

  • Boat departures from Lauwersoog, 45 min
  • Cars are not allowed, transport by taxi/bus

123 Schiermonnikoog

The Netherlands, Dutch islands

The smallest island

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Schiermonnikoog – a  real tongue twister 😉 – is the smallest island of the Dutch ‘Wadden’ islands in the North of Holland, with only 1 village. There are no cars allowed on the island (except from residents). Therefore the island is a place of peace and quiet. With the broadest beaches in Holland and beautiful dunes. These holiday homes are as charming as the island. And the beach is always close by!

There are different houses, which vary in size. The biggest holiday house is suitable for 12 people. A great place for a family weekend. Don’t expect lively nightlife here. Just beautiful spots and a charming village.



Let it snow!

Our stay on this island was almost magical! We were lucky because it actually snowed at Christmas! The dunes were covered with snow. And we even went for a sleigh ride on the beach.

This family holiday home, for up to 12 people (53Noord), is just great. It even has a separate game room for the kids. The house and fire place especially decorated for Christmas, just added to our holiday spirit.

In Summer this is also a very nice spot, with a big terrace. Within walking distance of the beach.