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Those hand luggage rules

Trouble remembering those hand luggage rules? I do. Every time I go on one of my city trips – hand luggage only. Am I allowed to take a razor? My nail files? Or those all-important tooth picks? For all of you, and also myself, a quick reminder of those rules.

The rules in general

You are allowed to take a lot of things in your hand luggage, except if they are on the list of prohibited items. Like (fire) arms. Flammable liquids. Or sharp objects.

These are often the items you pack without thinking, but are the ones that are not allowed to go in your hand luggage: razor blades (visit a wax bar prior to your holiday, or buy one once you get there), scissors, a lighter, or any other objects with a sharp end or edge. A nail file is allowed as long as it hasn’t got a sharp end!

And don’t forget your child’s toy gun, that might look like a real gun. This is not allowed and will end up in the bin. Result: a very sad child for the duration of the journey.

The rules regarding liquids in your hand luggage

Liquids. Sigh. Do they have to go in one of those plastic bags or not? Does this plastic bag need to be re-sealable? Are you allowed to carry more than one re-sealable plastic bag? So many questions when packing your bags. These are the rules about liquids:

  • Definition of liquids: liquid and gel. For example, lipstick is not a liquid, but lipgloss is. As is your toothpaste.
  • Any liquid you’re bringing cannot be any larger than 100 ml. Which means most compact deodorants are allowed.
  • You can only bring one re-sealable plastic bag.
  • All liquids need to fit in a re-sealable one litre bag. Tip: use re-sealable freezer bags!
  • You are allowed to bring medicines, but with a doctor’s note only.
  • You can also bring baby food. But this needs to be accompanied by a baby, to prove you actually need the food. And now we’re talking babies, another tip. You can take your buggy all the way up to the plane. It will then go in the hold and be ready for you when leaving the plane.
  • Anything you buy tax free at the airport, is allowed to be carried on as hand luggage, in a sealed bag. Don’t forget the receipts!
  • And finally, nail varnish remover. I have checked this one for you. As long as it isn’t bigger than 100ml, it is allowed. My tip to you: bring nail varnish remover pads! (no chance of leaking bottles).

Every airline will implement these rules differently. One might be a little more lenient than the other and will allow you to bring some hairspray. But we would suggest you stick to the rules to avoid disappointment. You can usually download a complete list of prohibited items from your nearest airport or airline.

What size bag can I take as hand luggage?

Annoyingly, this is different for every airline. Below a list of some of the airlines. However, we would recommend you check before your departure.

  • KLM: 55x35x25 cm, max 12kg
  • EasyJet: 50x40x20 cm, no max weight
  • Ryanair: 55x40x20 cm, max 10kg
  • Transavia: 55x40x25, max 10kg
  • Lufthansa: 55x40x23, max 8kg
  • Corendon: 55x35x25, max 7kg

Check and double check! Have a great trip!

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