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Travelling for me is almost a spiritual experience. On the road the light is always different. It brings me clarity and a new perspective. I choose my holiday based on what I need at that moment. This for me is true freedom!

Maybe it was the Novib calendar that made me interested in the world. Every month a new picture with great sunrises, and new places. It was a completely different world for me.

I work as a freelancer for fashion companies and life can be a bit hectic. It’s very dynamic and intense. So when I have a chance to get away, I don’t want to lose time by preparing, or endless searching. I just want to go to a place that captures me right there and then. This is what makes me happy and I love to share this feeling with you. At your own risk, of course 😉


Algarve beach rocks

The Algarve and all its hidden treasures

The Algarve at its best! Book a chartered flight to Faro. That is the cheapest..

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