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Hi! My name is Mandy and, like the other August & July bloggers, I love travelling.

I was seven years old when I stepped onto an airplane for the first time.  Destination: Aruba. Which I believe is the most beautiful place on earth. I have travelled a lot more since then and discovered that Europe too has some places that are almost as pretty 😉 In this blog I would like to share these places with you.

Every day I count my ‘happy moments’. And there are, of course, a lot more of these moments when I’m travelling. I just love getting lost whilst wandering through a new city and spotting new art galleries, museums and beautiful scenery. Besides the hotspots you can find online, I love discovering some new ones myself.

Even though I believe my holidays to be relaxed and calm, I do get bored pretty fast. It doesn’t take long before I’m searching the Internet for some adventurous, sporty excursions. Like the Masca Trekking tour I did in Tenerife. Having a boyfriend who is a photographer, is handy. He never misses these moments. And makes sure it’s all on camera.

My next trip will be Aruba, in March 2018. But no doubt I will check Skyscanner every now and then to look for some cheap tickets to somewhere nice in Europe 😉 I will keep you posted!


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