Hotspots on Ibiza: cocktails, tapas & more
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Hotspots on Ibiza: cocktails, tapas & more

Ibiza isn’t short of restaurants, cocktail bars and other hotspots when it comes to eating and drinking. So which one to choose!? After some extensive research, I have chosen these hotspots especially for you. I love them! Here you can eat Ibiza-style. Enjoy!

Wining and dining near the beach

What is more enjoyable than drinking cocktails and eating tapas on the beach!? One minor little thing. It can be very windy in Spring and Autumn on Ibiza. Which means there is a chance of some sand on your burger, free of charge. So always check which way the wind is blowing and choose a restaurant on the other side of the island. This way you can just enjoy your burger with the usual toppings.

Here are some of the most beautiful spots to eat.

  • Amante (East Ibiza) – they have everything: lounge beds, tables, great food and delicious cocktails. But the best of all: the view!
  • Los Enamorados (North Ibiza) – very cool interior design, inside and outside dining. And a  very nice patio in the back. Great fruit juices. And you can als shop here! Great place!
  • Cotton beach club (West Ibiza) – a little warning, just lying on their beautiful lounge beds is already expensive, and this is before you even had a drink. But it’s worth it! A stunning view. Super soft towels draped over each bed. Delicious nibbles. You can also eat in the restaurant upstairs which has an even better view!
  • Hostel la Torre (West Ibiza) – a hidden gem, just north of San Antonio. A hotel with a cute restaurant and the most amazing view. This is the place for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • Sunset Ashram (West Ibiza) – a super-expensive but great cocktail in one hand whilst watching the sun set. Ibiza lounge music playing in the background. Surrounded by slightly sunburnt but beautiful people. A little bit of a hype but definitely worth it!
  • Escollera (South Ibiza) – eating paella whilst lying down, watching the waves and the kite surfers. What could be better than that!? They have a big menu. Not cheap. Service a little arrogant. But the location makes up for it!

Where to eat – inland Ibiza?

  • la Paloma – with a big but cosy garden. Nice interior. Lovely food. Super-friendly service. Busy, busy, busy in the Summer!
  • the Giri – a natural but very chic, cool garden. Delicious food. Personal service.
  • Can Guim – small but very nice and cheap. Great for breakfast and lunch. Tasty sandwiches. Refreshing juices.
  • Bar Costa – truly Spanish. Serving tapas the Spanish, noisy way. Beautiful red wine. Don’t miss the tuna steak!
  • Senor Cake – yummy, cheap cakes. Right in the middle of Ibiza Town. On the market square, you’ll find a man who sells smoothies and the most delicious cakes, both sweet and savoury. Perfect for a little break whilst shopping!