A beautiful hidden spot, an amazing blue-green lake
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A beautiful hidden spot, an amazing blue-green lake

Lago di Braies in Northern Italy is an enchanting place: the blue-green lake is crystal clear, with imposing mountain tops looming over it on all sides. A must-visit!

Italy’s northernmost province harbours one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see: Lago di Braies, also known as the Pragser Wildsee, as this area used to be part of German-speaking Austria. Lago di Braies is incredibly photogenic: many a travel photographer and Instagrammer has tried to capture the lake in all its splendour. Still, the lake is relatively unknown to most. Time for a proper introduction!

The magical Lago di Braies

Picture a lake, green as emerald, surrounded by dramatic mountains and nothing but nature. Measuring a maximum depth of 36 meters, Lago di Braies is the deepest lake in Southern Tyrol – which, unfortunately, makes it too cold for a swim. Besides plenty of photo opportunities, however, it is a great place for a lovely hike along the colourful water. In just an hour, and without any significant altitude increases, you can loop around the lake and stumble upon one breathtaking view after another. Alternatively, you can rent a boat (12 euros for half an hour) and explore the lake in the most romantic way imaginable!

Undiscovered Tyrolean gem

Lago di Braies is not devoid of people, but don’t worry: it’s not nearly as crowded (yet) as Venice or Rome. The lake is mostly known among Italian tourists, because Lago di Braies once served as the backdrop for a popular Italian TV show (Un passo dal cielo). Running into Italians fortunately doesn’t feel like much of a buzzkill in Italy! Make sure to visit Lago di Braies if you want to stand in awe of an incomparably beautiful piece of South-Tyrolean nature – and, of course, to see your friends back home go (emerald) green with envy once you show them your photos!

Photo: © Sergey Mostovoy | Dreamstime
Photo: © Marco Ciannarella | Dreamstime