Paris, move over: this is our new favourite city in France
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Paris, move over: this is our new favourite city in France

If you consider visiting a city in France, you’d probably think of Paris first. But France has got plenty more surprises in store for you when it comes to cities worth travelling to! How about Bordeaux?

The Côte d’Azur has provided us travel lovers with touristic gems like Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez. Wonderful destinations for the (almost) rich & (almost) famous. However, if you’re looking for a typical French city that is not overrun by tourists, you should really check out Bordeaux. In less than two hours, and for about a hundred euros roundtrip, you can fly there, non-stop, from Amsterdam.

Calling all wine lovers!

The charming city of Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France, at the heart of the world-famous wine region of the same name. If there is one French specialty excessively available here, it’s wine. In this wine capital alone, millions of bottles of everyone’s favourite alcohol are being produced here every year.

What to do in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the historic capital of Gironde, and has a gorgeous old city centre lined with several impressive bridges, such as the iconic Pont de Pierre. The heart of the city consists of a zigzagging maze of little cobblestone streets, quaint squares with cosy cafés-de-thépâtisseries and specialty shops.

Along the banks of the river Garonne, there’s the Place des Quinconces, the largest square in all of France, marked by the beautiful Monument aux Girondins. For art and culture aficionados, there are plenty of museums, theatres, and an opera. The best panoramic view of the city can be found up on Basilique Saint-Michel.

Hip & happening Darwin

Bordeaux’s most trendy neighbourhood is Darwin, on the other side of the river, where the most beautiful street art serves as a backdrop to a colourful selection of hip places to eat and drink. The neighbourhood is also known for its many special events regarding sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and co-working. It’s the city’s hipster epicentre!

Culinary highlights in Bordeaux

Naturally, your visit to Bordeaux is not complete without a trip to one of its many vineyards, such as the Médoc. For an exquisite taste of the local cuisine (of course, combined with the local wine selection), we’d recommend the Rue Saint-Rémi; you can’t go wrong there. Make sure to try the canelés: delicious, sweet little cakes typical of the region.

As the Atlantic Ocean is nearby, we can wholeheartedly recommend fish and fruits de mer in Bordeaux as well. If you have an appetite for oysters, make sure to visit the seaside town of Arcachon, which might actually have the world’s tastiest oysters. Bon appétit!

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