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What not to miss during a Girls’ Weekend in Paris

Paris is always a good idea – seriously. Whether you’re visiting with your lover, your mother, or your girlfriends: it’s always très fantastique! A couple of years ago, my girlfriends and I have created a so-called “City Trip Jar”. Every one of our birthdays is an excuse to stuff a couple of euros into the jar until we have enough to go on a city trip together again. And our favourite destination: Paris!

Going there without stress

The obvious trip for our outbound journey was Thalys, the high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris. The perfect mode of transportation to start your city trip relaxed and comfortable! You don’t have to check in or collect baggage, you don’t have to fight over who needs to navigate the car through the tricky inner city streets. You slouch down into the comfy seats, open a bottle of wine, and you’re living the Parisian life already before even getting there!

48 hours in Paris

We only had two nights to spend in Paris, so we decided not to kill ourselves with a watertight schedule. And fortunately, Paris allows for spontaneous adventure! As long as you remain in the city’s inner city arrondissements, there’s plenty to see and do on each street corner. Besides the obligatory visits to the Tour Eiffel and the museum Louvre, we think these are the things you and your friends can simply not miss out on in Paris:

  • Go shopping in the boutique stores of Le Marais. Without a doubt, Le Marais is Paris’ hippest hood. All the small zigzaggy streets are filled to the brim with cute and original clothing, accessory and gift stores, and perfect little hideaways to catch your breath. The best coffee can be found at Boot Café on the Rue du Pont-aux-Choux; and vintage lovers will find plenty to swoon over at one of the neighbourhood’s friperies (vintage stores) like Pretty Box and Vintage Desir.
  • Take the perfect Insta-shot at Palais Royal. Do you want to avoid taking the standard Tour Eiffel pics? Make sure to visit the beautiful Palais Royal and strike a pose on top of one of the cute black-and-white-striped columns! Guaranteed #instaworthy.
  • Eat the world’s best croissant at Boulangérie du Pain & des Idées. Because how on Earth would you be able to spend even a day in Paris without a perfect croissant?! Head over to 34 Rue Yves Toudic for this cute boulangérie’s shiny butter croissants, delicious cakes and other delicacies. Only requirement: arrive with an empty stomach to experience this place to the fullest. Bon appétit!