Florence or Rome? Which one is your favourite?
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Florence or Rome? Which one is your favourite?

Florence and Rome are both great, ancient cities in Italy, but Florence is something special!

Italy is known for fashion, delicious food and impressive Roman cities. Even though Rome is known all over the world, Florence is getting more popular by the day. And we agree. Florence and la dolce vita. The ultimate blast from the past.

The stunning Palazzo and Ponte Vecchio

In Rome you shouldn’t miss the Colosseum. In Florence don’t miss the Palazzo Vecchio, situated on the Piazza della Signoria. And close to the beautiful Ponte Vecchio. This medieval bridge over the river Arno is a melting pot of vintage and fun, with great shops.

Coffee in Florence

To be a cool city you need to have lots of hip hot spots for great coffee. In the centre of Florence you’ll find Caffetteria delle Oblate. A mix of tasty coffee and culture. Situated on the roof of the public library: Biblioteca delle Oblate. With great views of the whole city!

Lunch in San Lorenzo

Italians love their food. And their food markets. In Rome the markets are lively, but they do not compete with the ones in Florence. The most gorgeous, local products are on offer at the San Lorenzo market. Don’t miss it! Buon appetito!

The romantic Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence is relatively small. Everything is within walking distance. After visiting the breathtaking palazzos from the 15th and 16th century, enjoying the great food and taking in all the culture, you should visit the Piazzale Michelangelo to finish your day. Here you can experience the most beautiful sunset.

Florence might not have as many sights as Rome, but because of its atmosphere, gorgeous streets and instagram-worthy spots, it is a city not to be missed!