The hippest place to shop: the 9 little streets
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The hippest place to shop: the 9 little streets

Nine little streets, hidden between the canals in the centre of Amsterdam. The place to go to get some shopping in! Amsterdam’s ‘9 Straatjes’ (9 little streets).

Here you’ll find the best shops. From vintage to one-off boutiques. Young designers and concept stores. All amongst a great bunch of places to have lunch or a drink. I love wandering around here. Usually with a girl friend. Just browsing. And always looking for that one great buy!

The best shops and the places to eat/drink

Are you planning a visit to Amsterdam? Don’t miss the ‘9 Straatjes’. These are the nine little streets: Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gasthuismolensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Runstraat, Huidenstraat and Wijde Heisteeg. And definitely don’t miss my favourite shops and places to eat!

1. The Darling

Here you can find anything and everything. From vintage and hand-made to new, Scandinavian design. From home accessories to beautiful jewellery. And the owner is lovely. Everything has been chosen with love. And this is exactly what makes The Darling so special. There will be something for you. Like a vintage pair of Levi’s. A beautiful set of earrings. Or a gorgeous plant. The address: Runstraat 4

2. Zipper

Vintage-lovers and bargain-hunters love shopping at Zipper. The secondhand shop in Amsterdam. It has been around for years and years (since 1979). Here you’ll find vintage jeans, biker jackets, unique leather bags and shoes. Customised items and lots of other interesting pieces of clothing and accessories.

Have a little look around and find that one true gem! Address: Huidenstraat 7

3. Pluk Amsterdam

This hotspot is a newbie in the ‘9 Straatjes’. But one you should not miss! You can either have a coffee. Eat some cake. Or enjoy a great lunch. Surrounded by lots of beautiful things. Things you want to have. Like phone covers, notebooks, crockery, candles and pretty jewellery. Or yummy chocolate bars, with beautifully designed wrappers, in pastel colours! So, if you are looking for an original and affordable present, this is the place to be: Pluk Amsterdam! Address: Reestraat 19

4. Mint Mini Mall

Wannahaves everywhere in this cute, little boutique. Lifestyle items. Hip homeĀ accessories. Presents for him. Presents for her. And for the kids. You can definitely find the perfect present for a newborn baby here. Just be careful you don’t end up buying lots of things for yourself šŸ˜‰ Mint Mini Mall is a little bit hidden, so take care not to miss it! Address: Runstraat 27

5. Ace & Tate

If you’re looking for a great pair of (sun)glasses, look no further! Go to Ace & Tate. Here you’ll find the hippest pair of glasses. And the price is great too! All glasses have a a fixed price of ā‚¬98, including lenses. AndĀ a free eye test. But do book an appointment as it gets extremely busy. If money was no object, I would buy a new pair of sunglasses every month ;-). Ace & Tate shops are everywhere in Amsterdam. Ace & Tate ‘9 Straatjes’ address: Huidenstraat 20

6. Goodies

This is my favourite spot to have a bite to eat in the ‘9 Straatjes’. It is cosy and hasĀ the best cheese board! They serve (toasted) sandwiches, bagels and salads. It’s tiny and gets packed quickly, so be early for lunch. Or ring to make reservation (+31 20 625 6122). Address: Huidenstraat 9

My tip to you: plan a day (or two) to wander around the ‘9 Straatjes’ and don’t miss my favourite spots!


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