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3x romance in Sevilla

If you think “Sevilla”, you think small alleyways, quaint cobblestone streets, magical parks and gardens, and of course the flamenco dance that originates here. The perfect getaway for you and your loved one. Plenty of romance to be found all over Sevilla!

Romantic candle-lit dinners

Besides the unmistakably romantic atmosphere all over Sevilla, I discovered the fastest way to my romantic heart during my four-day trip: the food. Take, for example, restaurant El Pintón: you might not be automatically drawn to it if you don’t know its secrets. Don’t get me wrong, its exterior is quaint and lovely enough – but the restaurant’s interior will exceed anyone’s expectations! The whole look of the place has been designed to the smallest details. And at the heart of the atrium, there’s a big tree that seems to come straight out of a fairytale. All around you, there are tropical cactuses, pastel-colored seats, and beautiful murals. I love it! And in that lovely environment, you’re being served delicious food, classical tapas with a modern twist. I recommend it highly! Address: Calle Francos 42.

Drinking & dancing with your lover

Sevilla’s best hotspots all seem to be located at the end of desolate alleyways that make you question all your navigation skills – until your patience is rewarded. La Carbonería is such a place. Here, it’s not about pretty interior design or decorations, but the overall experience. Old and young, locals and tourists, they all enjoy music, dance and drinks together, seated at a long table that fills the whole place. The drinks here are very affordable, too, so you can be sure you’ll have a fun night – maybe even too much so! Address: Calle Céspedes 21.

Getting lost together in the gardens of Alcázar

After a visit to Sevilla’s Royal Palace, there’s no better idea than to spend the sunny afternoon in the adjacent gardens. These gardens, about 60.000 square meters in size, have lots of different sections in varying styles. Besides the lovely orange trees and their tempting smell, you will find beautiful cipresses, pine trees, and tall palm trees. Without a doubt the single most romantic spot in the entire city; not to be missed by you and your amante! Address: Plaza del Patio de Banderas.